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INDEVCO Plastics has committed to setting sustainability objectives and reporting our impacts. Our environmental goals focus on the use of natural resources, energy, water, waste recovery, and regeneration. Our social impacts focus on our support and engagement with our employees and our communities in Longview, Texas and Orangeburg, South Carolina.

Our 2020 Sustainability Report is a GRI-referenced report.

Committed to Sustainability

Our INDEVCO North America Plastics Division was established in 2015 to develop plastic packaging for industrial and consumer use, and to innovate recovery solutions for a circular economy. Our Longview, Texas plant manufactures polyethylene (PE) flexible packaging while emphasizing sustainable raw materials, raw material downgauging, and product design for recoverability and compostability.

A Message from Our Leadership

Plastics continued to capture the world’s attention in 2020 and, despite a global pandemic, the US plastics industry supported a challenged global economy. During this time, INDEVCO Plastics took steps to expand our manufacturing platform in the US and to further lay a stronger foundation for a circular economy of plastics. At near capacity in our industrial polyethylene (PE) film plant in Longview, Texas, we leased land for our second facility in Orangeburg, SC. This East Coast location will be operational at the end of 2021 and will include barrier (specialty) film production and support our petrochemical customers. Our proximity to the Port of Charleston in South Carolina and the Port of Savannah in Georgia is a key component of our newest facility.

As manufacturers, we must play a role in defining solutions to eliminate plastic waste. INDEVCO Group joined the Alliance to End Plastic Waste in 2020, and we are actively participating in this global platform of companies and organizations committed to rethinking, recovering, diverting, and recycling plastic waste. One of our goals is to closely monitor an ever-changing landscape while staying focused on collecting and recycling plastic waste.

Internally, in 2020, our Longview operation continued to lightweight films to reduce raw material usage and, consequently, our carbon footprint. With our recycling/pelletizing equipment, we continued recycling our internal waste, regenerating it into post-industrial recycled (PIR) resin that was put back into select blends and packaging.

We launched a post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin trial partnership and successfully introduced this material to consumer brands in North America. We will expand on this through 2021.

For consumer brands with small to medium production runs, our ePac Flexibles facilities introduced both PE/PE recyclable pouches and 30-40% PCR pouch options in their product portfolio. ePac has also introduced ePac Connect customer engagement and track-and-trace technology to support actionable insights into a circular economy for consumer packaging.

Socially, INDEVCO Plastics Longview coordinated employee health and wellness screening and sponsored team members in a community sports league. In the wider community, we continued our engagements with organizations in Texas to help serve individuals and families in need and the homeless.

We look forward to meeting the challenges ahead, knowing that “What is good for the community is good for the company.” Many thanks to our employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, and other stakeholders who will support us on this path forward.

Robert Laird
Division President
INDEVCO North America Plastics Division

Robert Laird, Division President

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Interested in improving your environmental impact?

Ask about our Carbon Footprint Reduction Program, in which we co-design with our customers how to use and improve waste recycling, sustainable packaging, and sustainable freight metrics to lower their environmental impact.

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