A Reliable Solution for Pallet Protection


Our Stretch Hood Film is designed specifically for manufacturers, logistic companies, and retailers utilizing automated packaging solutions. Stretch hood film is the ideal alternative to stretch wrap and shrink hood due to its unique benefits for increased pallet protection.


  • Appliances
  • Building Materials
  • Chemicals
  • Corrugated
  • Food & Beverage
  • Minerals
  • Paper
  • Salt (Food & Non-Food)
  • Horticulture & Agriculture

Stretch Hood Film Offers Over a 30% Cost Reduction to Other Pallet Wrap Solutions.



A single layer of Stretch Hood Film provides five-sided protection for palletized products, ensuring that your brand's products stay dry, protected, and effective against environmental factors like ultra-violet radiation, weather, water, dust, and dirt.

Package Integrity

Stretch Hood Film is the best alternative to stretch film (used to wrap pallets by hand) and shrink film (uses heat and electricity to conform to pallet shape). Our special blends are customized to give your product the protection it needs during transport and storage. We specially design our film to have increased load stability, abuse resistance, tear and puncture resistance, and elastic recovery.

Display Properties

There are many benefits to selecting our Clear Stretch Hood Film. Clear stretch hood film provides a single layer of protection with the best clarity ratings, as opposed to cloudy and opaque pallet packaging provided offered by multiple layers of stretch film and stretch foil. Clear properties enable brand visibility, easy barcode reading, and tamper evidence. For our customer's convenience, we also offer Printed Stretch Film. Contact us to learn more.

Logistics Management

Research and testing shows that using Stretch Hood for automatic palletization is more efficient, and overall less costly than many alternatives. For our customers, we choose a custom blend perfect for your unique products. We also provide a team of experts to show our customers how making the switch will reflect faster line speeds, fewer roll changes, and reduced energy consumption.

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