100% Recyclable Stretch Hood Film

PE Stretch Hood Film for appliance, building material, processed food, beverage, industrial salt, mineral, chemical, petrochemical, and similar markets

Recycled Resins
100% Recyclable

Stretch Hood Film for Use with Stretch Hooder Machines

INDEVCO Plastics’ manufactures 100% recyclable Stretch Hood Film. Stretch Hood Film tightly secures products for easy palletization for high-speed lines using automated pallet packaging systems. Stretch Hood Film keeps loads in warehouse and in transit covered against dust, dirt, and moisture with its superior seal strength and elastic recovery for high trauma movements.  any product tampering with the Stretch Hood Film’s excellent tear and puncture resistance for five or even six-sided protection.

The transparent film allows for high brand visibility and lets product codes be scanned without the need to open the pallet, making logistics easy. With a max film circumference of 204” and an engineered stretch ratio of up to 160%, Stretch Hood Film is strong and adaptive enough to palletize large loads with ease. Custom film clarity and printing are also available for Stretch Hood Film. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can meet your product needs and environmental goals.

Product Specifications

  • Film Circumference:
    204” Maximum
  • Web Width: 102” Maximum
  • Stretch Ratio: Up to 160%
  • Materials: PE, Polyethylene
  • Gauge: 2.0 mil – 5.0 mil

Roll Dimensions

  • Core Options: Fiberboard & PVC
  • Inner Core Diameter: 3” or 6”
  • Minimum Roll Outer Diameter: 20” or custom
  • Maximum Roll Outer Diameter: 48”

Product Performance

  • Superior seal strength
  • 5-6 sided protection
  • High film clarity
  • Excellent tear and puncture resistance

Optional Features

  • Videojet Printing: 1 color – 4”x4” available print area
  • UVI (Ultraviolet Inhibitor) one-year protection

Markets & End Uses

Building Materials
Food & Beverage
Industrial Salt & Mineral
Lawn & Garden
Stretch hood


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A Sustainable Packaging Choice

INDEVCO Plastics manufactures a 100% recyclable Stretch Hood Film which uses optimal gauge for maximum load stabilization while allowing for raw material source reduction. Reach out to us to learn more about what we can do for your sustainability initiatives.

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