Unprinted Shrink Bundling Film with up to 50% PCR or 100% Virgin Resins

For beverage, processed food, pet food, and similar products which pack in multi-units, cases, tall bottles, and more

Recycled Resins
50% Recycled PCR Resins
(PIR also available)
Recycled Resins
for Raw Material Reduction
Recycled Resins

Shrink Bundling Film for Use in Heat Tunnel Machines

INDEVCO Plastics manufactures polyethylene Shrink Bundling Film with up to 50% post-consumer-recycled (PCR) resin or 100% virgin resins; post-industrial-recycled (PIR) resin also available. Shrink Bundling Film packs products for maximum security with excellent puncture and abuse resistance, as well as tight bullseye closures for easy carry and handling. Available unprinted or print-ready, our Collation Shrink Film provides an outstanding combination of creep resistance, strength, and high shrink force properties required for pallet and load stability.

This film offers consistent performance across machine types, including a wide variety of heat tunnels, and is ideal for high-speed packaging lines. This Collation Shrink Film is tested for mechanical, optical, and processing performance.

Keep multi-pack products on full display with unprinted film and let the product inside advertise itself with exceptional film clarity or meet customer printing needs with glossy film appearance. Meet your environmental goals with Shrink Bundling Film produced with recycled resins.

Product Specifications

  • Lay Flat Width: Up to 102″
  • Gauge: 1mil – 7mil
  • Density: 0.928 g/cm3

Roll Dimensions

  • Core Options:
    Fiberboard & PVC
  • Inner Core Diameter: 3” – 6”
  • Minimum Roll Diameter:
    20” or custom
  • Maximum Roll Diameter: 48”

Product Performance

  • Tight bullseye closure
  • Excellent puncture and abuse resistance
  • High film clarity and gloss
  • High load and transport stability
  • For use with 1 roll and 2 roll heat tunnel machines

Optional Features

  • Plain or print-ready film
  • C-fold for custom applications

Markets & End Uses

Beverage Water, juice, soft drinks, energy drinks, beer, cocktail drinks and other beverages
Food Canned fruits and vegetables, food in jars, dry foods, ingredients, and baked goods in boxes
Pet Food Canned cat and dog food


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A Sustainable Packaging Choice

INDEVCO Plastics manufactures a sustainable Shrink Bundling Film comprised of 50% post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin; film from post-industrial recycled (PIR) resin is also available. Using recycled material allows us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions during production and aids in landfill reduction. The durability of this Shrink Bundling Film replaces the need for cardboard bases and trays and uses less packaging material than cardboard-based packaging. Let’s discuss your product needs to fulfill your environmental goals.

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