PE Sealant Film

For beverage, food, healthcare, pet food products and more

Recycled Resins
for Raw Material Reduction
Recycled Resins

Sealant Film for Automatic VFFS or Pouch Packaging Machines

INDEVCO Plastics manufactures blown coextruded, all-polyethylene Sealant Film for pouch, bags, and other flexible packaging converters. When used with all PE structures, the sealant lamination film provides packaging structures that are 100% recyclable. The low seal initiation temperature allows for the sealant layer to melt and seal without affecting the outer substrate film, keeping packaging in pristine condition. Outstanding hot tack properties allow for hermetic seals over a broad range of conditions on the filling line for high package integrity.  Customizable based on customers’ individual needs; get in touch with us to learn more about how we can meet your product requirements and environmental goals.

Product Specifications

  • Lay Flat Width: 15″ – 102″
  • Gauge: 1.0 mil – 5.0 mil
  • Resins: mLLDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, Plastomer, or Custom Combinations
  • Non-Barrier Film

Roll Dimensions

  • Core Options:
    Fiberboard & PVC
  • Inner Core Diameter: 3” or 6”
  • Minimum Roll Outer Diameter:
  • Maximum Roll Outer Diameter: 48”
  • Roll Width: 10” – 102”
  • Roll Weight: 75 lbs – 1500 lbs

Product Performance

  • Moisture protection
  • Low seal initiation temperature (SIT)
  • High heat-seal strength
  • High hot tack force
  • Suitable for high-pressure processing (HPP)

Optional Features

  • Plain or print-ready film
  • Film clarity options with high optics, hazy, or milky appearance

Markets & End Uses

Beverage Coffee, soft drinks, milk, powdered drinks
Food Cereals, dairy products, dry bars, fresh produce, frozen foods
Healthcare OEM medical devices
Pet Food Cat and dog food


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A Sustainable Packaging Choice

INDEVCO Plastics manufactures a blown PE Sealant Film that when paired with PE structures creates 100% recyclable packaging. Sealant Film uses optimal gauges for sealing and laminating while allowing for raw material source reduction. Let’s discuss your product needs to fulfill your environmental goals.

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