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Heavy Duty Centerfold Sheeting

With Up to 30% PCR, Up to 50% PIR or 100% Virgin Resin

INDEVCO Plastics produces polyethylene Centerfold Sheeting with up to 30% post-consumer recycled (PCR), 50% in-house post-industrial recycled (PIR), or 100% virgin resins. Centerfold Sheeting, folded in half and rolled for optimal storage, takes half the space of a single wound film roll. Pre-sealed on one side, this C-Fold Film easily packs products for maximum efficiency with high seal performance and excellent puncture and burst resistance.

30%-50% Recycled Resins (PCR or PIR)

Downgauging for Raw Material Reduction

Environmentally Friendly Water-Based Inks

100% Recyclable

To meet your sustainability objectives, let’s discuss PIR or PCR Centerfold Sheeting options for virgin raw material source reduction and recyclability.

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Product Specifications

  • LLDPE/HDPE with 100% virgin resins or 30%-50% recycled resins
  • Print Repeat Width: 8″ – 36″
  • Length: 14″ – 39″
  • Gauge: 2.0 mil – 6.0 mil
  • Density: 0.993 kg/m3 (For recycled blend)

Optional Features

  • Line, screen, and process printing: Front-to-back combination of up to 8 colors
  • UVI (Ultraviolet Inhibitor) one-year protection
  • Embossing & Micro-perforations available
  • Anti-slip agent for easy palletization

Roll Dimensions

  • Core Options: Fiberboard & PVC
  • Inner Core Diameter: 3″- 6″
  • Minimum Roll Diameter: 12″ or custom
  • Maximum Roll Diameter: 48″

Product Performance

  • High Seal Performance
  • Custom clarity, gloss & stiffness properties
  • Excellent puncture & burst resistance

Market Applications

Building Materials

Cement, Grout, Mortar

Chemical & Petrochemical

Additives, Masterbatches, Resins


Flour, Salt, Sugar, Animal feed, Pet food

Industrial Salt & Minerals

Alkalinity increaser, Chlorine stabilizers, De-icing salt, Ice melt, Rock salt, Salt sand blend, Start-up minerals, Sodium bicarbonate, Water filtration salt, Water treatment, Zeolite sand

Lawn & Garden

Birdseed, Calcium Carbonate, Epsom Salt, Fertilizers, Grass seed, Gypsum, Herbicides, Peat moss, Pesticides, Sand, Wood pellets and more

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