Lawn & Garden Packaging

Sustainability Optimized Material Use
Sustainability Recyclable
Sustainability Recycled Content

Lawn and garden packaging needs to keep products protected from water and UV rays, especially when left outdoors. Consumers also expect lawn and garden products to be easy to handle and easy on the environment.

INDEVCO Plastics manufactures a range of lawn and garden packaging to protect what’s on the inside while also helping safeguard the environment, allowing manufacturers a new way to stand out on the shelf.

Our PE Films use 50% post-consumer recycled resins (PCR) or post-industrial recycled resins (PIR) to reduce raw material consumption while also protecting against harmful UV rays, moisture, and puncture damage.

Our Stretch Hood Film keeps lawn and garden products safe and secure during transport offering strong, 5-sided coverage, anti-skid performance during shipping and storage, and recyclability at end of use.

Suited for: Aquatic Planting Media, Azomite Trace Mineral Powder, Clay Pebbles, Coco Peat, Diatomaceous Earth (DE), Fertilizer, Flowering Base Formula, Foliar Mineral & Trace Elements, Grass Seed, Grow Formula, Gravel, Gypsum, Hydroponic Media, Limestone, Mineral Nutrients, Mulch, Phosphate, Potting Soil, Vermiculite, Wood Pellets, Wood Shavings