Alliance to End Plastic Waste
Flexible Packaging Association
Longview Chamber of Commerce
East Texas Safety Council
Society for Human Resource Management
Sustainable Packaging Coalition


With Multi-layer Plastic film extrusion technology, we produce custom high-performance Industrial films & bags tailored to your product needs. Our eco-friendly portfolio with up to 50% recycled resins provides sustainable films without sacrificing quality.


At INDEVCO Plastics, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond our product portfolio. We believe we have a higher purpose to care for the communities in which we live and the environment on which we rely. Regenerating materials into the circular economy of plastics is one of our many initiatives.


We work across a broad spectrum of markets including Building & Construction, Chemical & Petrochemical, Lawn & Garden, Packaging Converters, Appliances, Industrial Salt & Minerals, and more.

Above and beyond is our starting point

The INDEVCO Way is defined by an uncompromising commitment to protection. It’s in our innovation, our service and our stewardship. It’s in the way we deliver performance with a higher purpose.

INDEVCO Plastics is committed to providing our customers with innovative and sustainable packaging solutions that are designed around their needs to solve their greatest challenges.

Whether it’s thinking of new ways to help our clients, contributing locally to the communities where we operate, or taking important steps to protect the environment, we are driven to make a difference. And we look forward to making a difference for you.

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