Transport Packaging

Sustainability Optimized Material Use
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Sustainability Recycled Content

INDEVCO Plastics manufactures sustainable PE films for secure transportation and storage, ideal for products that are multi-unit bundles of bottles, cans, jars, and cases and for products requiring heavy-duty secure and stable palletization.

Our PE Films are comprised of post-consumer recycled resins (PCR) or post-industrial recycled resins (PIR) and are designed for 100% recyclability to help reduce carbon footprint.

Our print-ready and plain Shrink Bundling Films offer consistent performance with high load and transport stability and with branding on clear display. Our Stretch Hood Film keeps products safe and secure during transport offering strong 5-sided coverage, anti-skid performance, and recyclability at end of use.

Suited for: Bottling Plants, Co-packers, Distributors, Logistics Centers, Manufacturers, Wholesalers

For Palletizing