Packaging Converting

Sustainability Optimized Material Use
Sustainability Recyclable
Sustainability Recycled Content

Flexible packaging converters face rapidly innovating end markets, where government, brand owners, and consumers now require sustainable packaging alternatives and where converters and brand owners may be held responsible for plastic waste through Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation.

INDEVCO Plastics works closely with plastics packaging converters to develop eco-friendly Barrier Films and Non-Barrier Sealant Lamination Films for lamination and converting, as well as to design Print-Ready Shrink Bundling Film and Print-Ready Stretch Hood Film to support brand packaging sustainability goals.

We aim to help packaging converters reduce the carbon footprint of their customers’ packaging through raw material reduction (downgauging), increased use of post-consumer recycled resins (PCR) or post-industrial recycled resins (PIR), and mono-material product design for end of use recyclability.

Suited for Converting Food Packaging:

Bakery, Breads & Cereal Packaging
Candy / Confectionery Packaging
Condiment, Dip & Dressing Packaging
Cookies & Crackers Packaging
Dairy / Cheese Packaging
Fresh Produce Packaging
Frozen Food Packaging
Meat, Poultry & Seafood Packaging
Pet Food Packaging
Plant-Based Protein Packaging
Ready Meal Packaging
Retort & Hot-Filled or Microwavable Packaging
Sauce & Soup Packaging
Snack & Nut Packaging

Suited for Converting Personal Care,
Home Care & Industrial Packaging:

Health & Beauty Packaging
Household / Home Care Packaging
Industrial Barrier Packaging
Lawn & Garden Packaging
Medical / Healthcare Packaging
Nutraceutical Packaging
OTC Pharmaceutical Packaging
Personal Care Packaging

Suited for Converting Beverage Packaging:

Coffee and/or Tea Packaging
Dry Beverage Mix Packaging

Suited for Printing:

Branded Shrink Bundling Film
Branded Stretch Hood Film