Food Packaging

Sustainability Optimized Material Use
Sustainability Recyclable
Sustainability Recycled Content

When it comes to food packaging, whether human food, pet food, or animal feed, safety and freshness are the manufacturer’s top concerns. With recent regulations surrounding sustainability, reducing environmental impact has also come to the forefront.

INDEVCO Plastics manufactures sustainable packaging for processed foods, bulk foods, pet foods, animal feed and supplements, and processed foods. Our PE packaging with up to 50% post-consumer recycled resins (PCR) or post-industrial recycled resins (PIR) reduces the use of virgin resins, while allowing for 100% recyclability.

Larger format FFS Films and Centerfold Sheeting offer strength; UV, moisture, and puncture resistance; and odor control to protect what’s inside the bag. Our heavy-duty Stretch Hood Film offers 5-sided coverage, puncture resistance, and anti-skid performance during shipping and storage, as well as recyclability at end of use. Our Shrink Bundling Film is designed for maximum security, excellent puncture, and abuse resistance and includes tight, bullseye closure for easy carrying and handling.

Suited for: Animal Feed, Animal Supplements, Bulk Sugar, Cereal, Grains, Granulated Sugar, Grits, Flour Mix, Pet Food, Pet Supplements, Popcorn, Rice, Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)