Building Materials Packaging

Sustainability Optimized Material Use
Sustainability Recyclable

Consumers are more concerned with the environmental challenges posed by plastic consumption including packaging used for building and home improvement materials. Finding packaging tough enough to stand up to heavy-duty building materials while being easy on the environment can be a challenge.

INDEVCO Plastics manufactures a range of building materials packaging to keep items protected during storage and delivery. We work with building material manufacturers to supply 100% recyclable plastic films, as well as downgauged films for raw material reduction.

INDEVCO Plastics’ FFS Films offer excellent puncture and abuse resistance and high load transport stability. Our Centerfold Sheeting easily packs products for maximum efficiency with high seal performance and our Stretch Hood Film with 5-sided protection offers superior seal strength and high film clarity.

Suited for: Aggregates, Asphalt Patch, Boxed Ceramic Tile, Bricks, Cement, Concrete Mix, Flooring Tile, Grout, Blown-In Insulation, Mortar, Pea Gravel, Roof Tiles, Rubber Crumb, Rubber Mulch, Sand, Stone